We Moved Before Our Lease Was Up Because We Didn’t Want to Miss out on This Towson, Maryland Apartment

We made a calendar seven months into our lease to count down the five months until our lease would expire. The reason we did it was because we had neighbors move in that are loud, obnoxious and they are scary. We are not the only ones to complain, but we are ones to fix the problem. It was sort of a last straw moment for us and our old apartment. We decided to find something much better. We wanted a nice place to live, and that was when we discovered Rodgers Forge in Towson, Maryland.

The big bay window in the living room and the hardwood floors sold me as soon as the person showing us the place opened the door of the apartment. If that was all I could see before signing a lease, that was a great push toward me doing it. However, there was a lot more. The apartment has ceramic tile bathrooms and there is a washer and dryer in the apartment. That is a bonus that will pay off every Thursday as that was our traditional haul-the-clothes-to-the-laundromat-and-back day. Unless you have done that for a year, you have no idea what a pain it is. The next bonus is the granite countertops and a gas stove instead of some lame electric stove. We actually cook, and we cook very well. Any cook worth his salt will recommend cooking on a gas stove for the control it offers over the heat.

Anyway, Rodgers Forge had it all, but I was wondering about the neighbors. So, being me, I knocked on some doors. I introduced myself and asked some questions about noise and rowdiness. The neighbors all told me they like it quiet, and one of them told me to pick another place if I was noisy. I laughed pretty good at that one as we are quiet as mice in a house full of cats. Well, the five months became moot as we signed a lease and just took a loss on the old place. It was worth it to just move now instead of waiting five months.


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